‘Invest in Russia’ Space to Debut at EEF

‘Invest in Russia’ Space to Debut at EEF

The new ‘Invest in Russia’ platform, which brings together the investment agenda of Russia’s regions and their foreign partners, will be held at the Eastern Economic Forum on 2–4 September 2021 for the first time in the history of the Roscongress Foundation’s events.

The space was created by the Roscongress Foundation and its subsidiary, the Fund RC-Investments, which serves as a competence centre to provide support for investment, business, and export-oriented projects being implemented by partners of the Roscongress Foundation.

«One of the most important tasks of the Eastern Economic Forum is to strengthen economic relations and investment cooperation. This is why the emergence of the special ‘Invest in Russia’ space as a single centre to attract investors and promising projects is a logical continuation of our congress and exhibition activities. I am confident that this project has a great future and we will develop it at our other events as well,» Roscongress Foundation Chairman of the Board and CEO Alexander Stuglev said.

The ‘Invest in Russia’ platform will work jointly at the EEF 2021 with the Russian-Chinese Business Council (RCBC) under the heading of ‘Invest in Russia with the Russian-Chinese Business Council — Where Trust Is Built’. This will help to identify the most promising areas of work to attract investment to the economies of the two countries and exchange relevant experience in working with China and countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

«The Far Eastern Federal District is among the leaders in terms of attracting investments. It’s no coincidence that the ‘Invest in Russia’ space is being launched for the first time at the EEF 2021, and we definitely believe that opening this platform together with the Russian-Chinese Business Council will contribute to a harmonious dialogue between Russian and Chinese companies, investors, and development institutions. However, the geography of our project is by no means limited to the Far East. We are building up the investment agenda of the Russian economy as a whole, the regions, and their foreign partners. The ‘Invest in Russia’ space will become a point of attraction for everyone who is looking for interesting projects and lucrative options for funding,» Fund RC-Investments Director Alexander Shatirov said.

The platform will have two zones at the EEF 2021: a negotiating space for partners in the A3 zone and a space with a lecture hall and agreement signing area in the C6 zone.

The partners of the ‘Invest in Russia’ space also include the Stroytransgaz Group, Russian Fishery Company, the Pharmeco Group, SKA Arena, and the GORKA Group.

The partners of the ‘Invest in Russia’ project are granted new statuses, such as Investment Partner of the Forum and Partner of the ‘Invest in Russia’ space. These statuses offer a broad range of opportunities, including the ability for companies to hold their own events on ways to develop the future socioeconomic life of the country, attract Russian and international investment, use meeting rooms, access the signing area as well as advertising and media promotion.

Over the three days that the specialized platform operates, signings are planned with its key partners and industry leaders, such as Stroytransgaz and Pharmeco, as well as panel sessions and discussions on important issues. These include sessions of the Russian-Chinese Business Council, Sberbank, the Association of Independent Directors, and the Far East High Technology Fund.

Russia’s regions will hold road shows and meetings with international partners, primarily from China and other countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

The platform will wrap up its work with a pitch session titled ‘Top Investment Projects of the Portal

The portal was created by the Roscongress Foundation and the Fund RC-Investments with the support of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and is now a unique digital space that brings together the interests of project initiators, investors, and the regions. This resource contains a detailed and publicly available digital database of promising investment projects from all over the country with a total budget of more than RUB 1.5 trillion. It provides useful information on business support measures, statistics, descriptions of regions, and much more.

To view the detailed programme of the ‘Invest in Russia’ space, please visit the corresponding section on the website