Rosсongress Foundation and Secretariat of the Russia–Africa Partnership Forum met with UN Technology Bank

Rosсongress Foundation and Secretariat of the Russia–Africa Partnership Forum met with UN Technology Bank

Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Roscongress Foundation, RC-Investments Fund and the United Nations Technology Bank for Least Developed Countries held a series of meetings in Moscow. Also in attendance were representatives of the Russian Investment Agency, which assisted in organizing the gathering. Among other issues, the meeting discussed opportunities for joint cooperation during international congress and exhibition events both in Russia and abroad.

Particularly, the parties discussed organizing joint events with the Secritariat of the Russia—Africa Partnership Forum, as well as holding joint technology-oriented sessions on the sidelines of the second Russia—Africa Summit.

«We are ready to support the UN Technology Bank and assist in reaching out to relevant Russian science and technology organizations. The issues of information and communication technologies, health care, and food security, which are priorities for the Bank, are just as important for us. These questions regularly come up at meetings of the Councils under the Secretariat of the Russia—Africa Partnership Forum. I am convinced that our cooperation will allow the Secretariat to work even more efficiently on these topics and help put the achievements of the UN Technology Bank into practice,» said Oleg Ozerov, Ambassador-at-Large and Head of the Secretariat of the Russia—Africa Partnership Forum.

The Roscongress Foundation and the Bank agreed to sign an agreement on cooperation in the near future and to establish a working group to further elaborate activities.

In addition, the UN Technology Bank is interested in a strategic partnership with the Russian Federation, which could include exchange programmes for innovation and research, state-of-the-art technology, as well as expertise in a number of scientific areas of mutual interest.

«The UN Technology Bank pays a great deal of attention to the development of science and technology in Africa. We are confident that as part of our comprehensive work on the preparation of the second Russia—Africa Summit in 2022, the Bank will become a reliable partner in organizing events dedicated to Russian-African scientific and technological cooperation,» said Alexandra Ogneva, Deputy CEO of the Roscongress Foundation, Head of the International and Regional Cooperation Directorate.

«It is important for us to continuously develop our partnerships network. We establish cooperation with organizations that can help and support less developed countries with their technological and innovative potential. I am sure that working in Russia and, in particular, at the events of the Roscongress Foundation will help us to use the country’s opportunities for the benefit of others,» said Joshua Setipa, Managing Director of the UN Technology Bank.

The Bank’s strategic partnership with Russia is expected to boost Russian-African cooperation, which President Vladimir Putin listed as first one of Russia’s top foreign policy priorities during the Russia—Africa Summit in October 2019.