SPIEF 2022: New Opportunities in a New World

SPIEF 2022: New Opportunities in a New World

The official website of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (15–18 June 2022) has published its business programme architecture. The topic of the Forum is ‘New Opportunities in a New World’.

The SPIEF 2022 business programme has four thematic tracks on the global and Russian economy, social and technological agenda, and human capital development.

The track entitled ‘The New Economic Order: Responding to the Challenges of the Time’ will offer sessions on restoring the economy and international cooperation under the SCO, BRICS and the Eurasian Economic Union. Other topics under this track are dedicated to the global trade transformation and business efficiency in the new economic reality.

The second track ‘The Russian Economy: New Objectives and Horizons’ is dedicated to the challenges facing the country. Its sessions will cover the transition from a crisis relief agenda to boosting the long-term potential of the economy, as well as the development of the Russian financial market, research and technological space, and the country’s fundamental industries.

«Global challenges we are facing now set new rules. New challenges always mean new opportunities. This agenda covering all the key areas of the country and state development only proves that. SPIEF will once again bring together representatives of the Russian and international business communities, government agencies and public organizations in search for opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation and partnership,» emphasized Anton Kobyakov, adviser to the President of the Russian Federation and Executive Secretary of the SPIEF Organizing Committee.

Discussions under the track ‘Modern technology for Humanity: Building a Responsible Future’ cover topics of international cooperation in science, digital sovereignty and security, healthcare digitalization, and ethics of technology, etc.

Participants in business sessions under the track ‘Investment in Development as Investment in People’ will address cultural codes of the new reality, human capital development, as well as new skills and employment models in the post-COVID world. Other sessions under this track will cover the development of creative industries, sport and education.

SPIEF will also host its traditional country-based business dialogues with representatives of business communities from Africa, Middle East, Egypt, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Latin America, Belarus, Europe, and the EAEU—ASEAN business dialogue.

The business programme will include three breakfasts — for pharmaceutical companies, SBER Business Breakfast and IT breakfast.

Apart from the business programme, a number of other events will take place on the sidelines of SPIEF. Among them are SME Forum, Youth Economic Forum, B20 Regional Consultation Forum, Creative Business Forum, Drug Security Forum, SPIEF Junior Dialogue, and the ‘Arctic: Territory of Dialogue’ Forum.

Forum business sessions will be broadcast on the Forum website and in its social media accounts, which will make it easy to join the event.

For the SPIEF 2022 business programme architecture, please go to

Media representatives can register for the Forum until 13 May 2022.

All news about the preparation of SPIEF-22 is in the official social networks of the forum.